Why Do People Want to Move to Huntsville?

Why Do People Want to Move to Huntsville?Huntsville Alabama is now the largest city in the entire state. It has bypassed Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile. This is fairly new news just in the last three or four years that Huntsville has become Alabama's largest city. With a population of over 228,000 people, Huntsville has quickly grown in a short amount of time.

What is drawing so many people to Huntsville? Is Huntsville really that great of a place to settle into? Is it really worth relocating to Huntsville or the greater Huntsville area? Why has the population of Huntsville grown to make Huntsville Alabama's new largest city?

The Cost of Living is Pretty Affordable

Perhaps one of the most intriguing and welcoming aspects of living in Huntsville is that the cost of living is pretty affordable. The Huntsville cost of living index is measured at 94.2/100. This means that living in Huntsville costs about 8% lower than the National average across the country. This cost comes in pretty low compared to many areas of the country because the national average takes the lowest cost of living and the highest cost of living and settles in the middle.

Factors that go into measuring the cost of living include basic necessities like food, transportation, childcare, taxes, and housing. With many factors of everyday living costs increasing finding an area with a lower cost of living to settle into is highly beneficial. 

Job Opportunities

Huntsville is rapidly growing. Not only have potential homebuyers realized that the cost of living is much more affordable in Huntsville so have many large employers. Huntsville is home to several government and corporate organizations that provide jobs that are more of a career than just something to make ends meet. Some of the biggest employers in Huntsville and the surrounding area include NASA and Boeing. Huntsville has a growing and thriving tech sector that includes companies like Cubic Corporation and F1 Solutions.  CFD Research and Martin Federal are also some of the largest companies drawing new employees to the area. The job growth paired with affordability makes for a very promising quality of life that has drawn several people to Huntsville in the last few years.

Strong Sense of Community

Huntsville Alabama is your storybook-style southern town with a strong sense of community. People are warm and welcoming (although there is always someone who is not so warm or welcoming). In general, you'll find the atmosphere of Huntsville to be friendly with several local events driving community pride and cheerfulness. Some of the most popular local festivals that have been beloved for generations include the Christmas Parade and the Huntsville Blooms events. Huntsville may be Alabama's largest city but it holds onto that small southern town charm.

Things to Do

Huntsville is home to a very large and fun collection of local businesses that offer a wide variety of things to enjoy when you have time off of work. There is a growing local restaurant scene. The sports scene is well-loved by local fans. There are many adorable and unique boutique retail shops throughout Huntsville. There is so much to enjoy including an ever-growing entertainment scene that includes many live music venues.


The public school system in Huntsville is top-notch and with over 3,000 new people moving into our area, quality education is paramount. The public school system has six high schools, two junior high schools, four middle schools, and 21 elementary schools.

For furthering education Huntsville is also home to college programs at the University of Alabama at Huntsville and Alabama A&M University.

There are several reasons that have drawn a large number of people to relocate to Huntsville Alabama in the last four years. Huntsville is ever-growing and only getting better. And though it is getting bigger it still retains its small-town charm and is full of amazing locally-owned businesses.

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