The First Three Rooms to Stage When Selling a Huntsville Home

The First Three Rooms to Stage When Selling a Huntsville HomeWhen getting a Huntsville home ready to sell one of the most common things that homeowners and agents do is staging the home. Staging is the act of arranging a room so that it showcases the space and usefulness of the room to enable buyers to envision themselves living in the home. It is called staging as it is a way of setting the stage for a buyer to view the home during an in-person showing.

One of the most common questions about staging from homeowners is what rooms are the most important to focus most or all of their energy on to get their home ready to sell. You can either hire a professional to help you with staging or you can opt to do it on your own. The biggest focus of staging a home is removing clutter, deep cleaning, and setting up furniture in a tasteful layout.

Start with these three spaces for staging your Huntsville home

Living room

The living room is most often the most important space because it is where families spend the most time outside of the kitchen and is often the most memorable and first-seen room in the home. When it comes to purchasing a home potential buyers always want to envision how their family will enjoy coming together and spending time in the home.

One of the biggest things you want to focus on when staging a living room is to make it feel as big as possible. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that pushing furniture up against the walls will communicate that the room is spacious. The best thing to do with furniture in a living room is to keep it simple. Professional stagers will often take about half of the furniture out of a living room that a homeowner owns if they plan to use the homeowner's furniture for staging. The best way to arrange furniture is to make a comfortable conversational arrangement with a conscious flow of natural walkways through the room.

Master bedroom

Another space to focus most of your attention on is the master bedroom. If your bedroom is connected to a private master bathroom you want to make sure that this is properly staged as well. It is seen as one big luxurious package. You want to communicate that the main bedroom in the home is a relaxing and simple atmosphere with no fuss. You want to sell that it is a place of easy relaxation the best way to do this is with soft textures and a muted color palette.

You also want the bedroom to feel as spacious as possible so making sure to remove items that are not crucial to the function of the room is a great idea. You of course will want a bed and some bedside tables. Beyond this consider pulling out everything else. Make sure that the bedding feels luxurious and inviting making someone feel as if they want to climb in and take a nap.

The kitchen and dining area

The third most important room to stage in a home is the kitchen and dining room. It is often said that a kitchen can sell a home and this is true because it is one of the most utilized areas of a home. We spend many important hours preparing meals or snacks, washing dishes, and putting groceries away. It is also a hub for many social gatherings and parties that are focused on sharing a meal or some light bites like charcuterie.

In your kitchen, you want to make sure that you pull as many things off the counters as possible. You can bring in a small pop of color like a bowl of fresh fruit in bright colors like green Granny Smith apples or yellow lemons to help bring cheerfulness and life back into the room. It gives the space a useful and fresh feel without feeling like the room is over-cluttered and dysfunctional. You want to communicate that there is plenty of space and that the home buyer will have an easy time accomplishing everything they want in the space.

Some homeowners staging their Huntsville home doesn't seem like a crucial necessity but it can greatly help a buyer see themselves living in their next potential home, your home. If you would like some help with staging it is a great idea to ask some advice from your real estate agent on getting your home ready for in-person showings.

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