Small Business Saturday Huntsville- ‘22

Shop Local this Holiday Season- #SmallBusinessSaturday-
Please remember, when you shop local in Huntsville, you're making a direct investment in our economy. Out of every $100 spent- around $68-$73 returns to our community! Let's support our local artists, restaurants, and business owners. 
Check out a few great resources on shopping local plus some of TAG's favorites-
*Huntsville Chamber-  (check out Shop Local Opoly)

**South Huntsville
*The Cottage Collective- 
*The Cotton Gin- 
**Downtown Huntsville Area
*Harrison Brothers Hardware-
*The Pants Store- 
*Clinton Row- 
100 Jefferson St. (check out Yala Ave) 
*Golden Griffin- 
104 Longwood Dr.
*Preservation Company- 
*Travel Patterns- 
*The Vessel Studio-
** Merchants Walk- 
*Dress Up Boutique- 
**Five Points Area
*Al Christopher- 
812 Wellman Ave. NE
*Victorias Interiors- 
*The Topiary Tree- 
1801 University Dr. NW
*Toy Place Downtown-
*The Refuge Home Interiors- 
8141 Madison Blvd. Suite B
*South and Pine-
*Daisy Lane Gifts-

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