Our Favorite Local Restaurants - Dining in Huntsville! [2024]

In a world that seems filled with schedules and hustle and bustle, it’s no secret that many people enjoy eating out after a long work week. Luckily, if you call Huntsville home, there are plenty of great local restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal without the need for grocery shopping, cooking, and the best part, no dishes!

Huntsville, Alabama, is known for its rich history and vibrant culture. But what truly makes this city shine is its diverse culinary scene. From exciting new restaurants to beloved local favorites, there's a culinary adventure awaiting every food enthusiast. In this blog, we'll explore the best places to eat in Huntsville, providing a taste of what each restaurant has to offer.

While there are dozens of different options to choose from, these are a few of our favorite restaurants right here in Huntsville, AL

Grandmother’s House

Our Favorite Local Restaurants Dining in Huntsville! The name truly says it all! Grandmother’s House is a historic 1920’s home that’s been turned into a cozy comfort restaurant! Filled with antiques, you’ll feel as if you’re part of the family as you enjoy true southern comfort food, from fried catfish to delicious homemade desserts, when dining here you’ll embrace the restaurant's motto, “Slow down and stay awhile.” 

If you are craving authentic Italian cuisine then you’ve come to the right place! When dining at Tortora’s you can enjoy more than just great dishes and you can relish in the enjoyment of watching your own hand tossed pizza being prepared. While their pizzas have been recognized as some of the best in the surrounding area, they also serve pastas, calzones, salads, and more! With both indoor and outdoor seating, Tortora’s also boasts a heated outdoor patio, allowing guests to dine comfortably outdoors regardless of the current temperature. 

Rocket City Dog Bar  (Just Opened)

Huntsville's first Beer Garden and Dog Park! This unique establishment offers a diverse range of experiences. With craft brews flowing from their taproom, it's a beer lover's paradise. For dog owners, there's an expansive 8000+ sq ft on/off-leash dog park where you and your furry friend can play under supervision. Plus, you can book events and parties, enjoy trivia and movies, all in the company of your canine companion. And, if you're hungry, you can conveniently order food and dine in any of their on-leash zones. It's a perfect spot for a fun-filled evening with your pup!

Del Chuco

Del Chuco (Opening Soon Downtown)

Scheduled for a grand opening in February, this upcoming Tex-Mex restaurant and bar will showcase a menu inspired by the Luthers' Texan heritage, with flavors reminiscent of El Paso, Texas.

Condado Tacos (Just Opened)

Cravable tacos like orange glazed chicken taco, green chilies queso and unique margarites With many locations across the country, Huntsville is the newest to open!

Back Forty Beer Company

Several locations to serve including Huntsville.  Back Forty Huntsville embraces innovation in both the brewery and kitchen. They proudly offer a diverse selection of American and European craft beers, all brewed on-site and served fresh. With over 50 new beer creations annually and up to 20 options on tap at any given time, patrons are sure to find a brew that suits their taste. Their creative menu includes gourmet pub fare like the Back 40 Cheeseburger, Neopolitan-inspired pizzas, and a fresh kale salad. For the most current information on their opening, follow Back Forty Huntsville on social media.

Little Rosies

Little Rosies

They take pride in their commitment to freshness at Rosie's. Every day, they craft all their dishes from scratch using only the freshest ingredients, including chicken breast and USDA-select Western Beef. Their dedication to freshness extends to their homemade flour and whole wheat tortillas, Rosie's chips and salsas, and their daily-made guacamole, prepared with fresh Calavo Avocados. And for a refreshing treat, don't miss out on their margaritas, crafted with freshly squeezed limes.

Bandito Burrito

Local Mexican eats like the big mission burritos, tacos and nachos. All your favorites since 1990.

The Standard

The Standard, located in Huntsville, offers a versatile dining experience for brunch, dinner, and drinks. With a menu thoughtfully curated to cater to diverse cravings, it's the go-to destination. The restaurant's welcoming ambiance ensures you feel comfortable and at ease. Beyond its delectable cuisine and delightful cocktails, The Standard boasts a charming market, inviting you to explore and discover fresh ingredients and unique culinary finds. It's not just a restaurant; it's a culinary adventure waiting to be explored!

Our Favorite Local Restaurants - Dining in Huntsville 2024

Commerce Kitchen

Nestled at the intersection of Franklin Ave. and Southside Square, Commerce Kitchen stands out as a "cozy downtown neighborhood gem." Under the guidance of Chef James Boyce, it offers a unique blend of whimsical and comforting dishes that pay tribute to authentic Southern cuisine. The menu presents an array of small plates, seasonal entrees, and expertly crafted cocktails. Regular patrons savor favorites like Fried Green Tomatoes, Pimento Cheese, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, and the renowned Shrimp and Grits, evoking the essence of the South. Whether patrons choose to unwind in the bustling neighborhood bar, dine on the inviting outdoor patio, or relax in the dining room, they can always count on the warm and hospitable service that awaits their return.

Cotton Row

A local favorite for sure. Located at 100 Southside Square, Cotton Row is ideal for special occasions and holidays as well as a good meal midweek.  They offer dishes like Main lobster ravioli, Black truffle risotto, duck breast and more.

Domaine South

Winner of the 2022 Award of Excellence, Domaine South is more than a restaurant. It's a wine and cheese shop besides offering unique dishes, cheeses and specialty foods. When you are dining at the restaurant, enjoy charcuterie boards, deviled eggs, beans, jam, specialty breads and more. 

Our Favorite Local Restaurants - Dining in Huntsville 2024

Flight Plan

Situated a mere 10-minute drive to the southeast of downtown Huntsville, Flight Plan Wine and Tapas presents an unparalleled and refined culinary journey. The restaurant's menu is dedicated to small plates and tapa-style creations, drawing inspiration from global flavors. These delectable dishes are thoughtfully paired with an assortment of wines by the glass, wine and whiskey flights, craft beers, and signature cocktails. Embark on this distinctive dining experience today and explore a world of flavors like never before!

Honest Coffee

Huntsville and Honest Coffee Roasters stand as locally owned and operated craft coffee shops, providing comprehensive services. These establishments are renowned for their commitment to delivering high-quality coffee beverages, breakfast options, lunch offerings, acai bowls, and seasonal delights.

One of their standout offerings is the acai bowls, which feature a delightful combination of fresh fruits and a vibrant array of toppings, quickly becoming a favored snack among patrons. Their dedication to the community shines through as they proudly incorporate products from local suppliers into their menu, resulting in uniquely Huntsville-inspired dishes.

Gold Sprint Coffee

Nestled in Huntsville's charming historic Lowe Mill neighborhood, this locally owned craft coffee shop radiates a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Their passion for exceptional coffee is undeniable, with a delightful array of rotating, seasonal specialty drinks alongside beloved house staples like the El Camino, Cloudburst, and Signature Matcha. The magic happens in-house as they handcraft their syrups, skillfully balancing subtle yet intricate natural flavors that perfectly complement the espresso's bright floral notes.

But it's not just about coffee; they've curated a menu that's sure to tickle your taste buds. From the undisputed "best breakfast burrito" to crave-worthy avocado toast, their breakfast options are legendary. And when it comes to lunch, they've got you covered too. To quench your thirst, they offer a delightful assortment of locally brewed beers on tap, wine, mimosas, and craft cocktails. It's a place where good vibes and great flavors collide!

Our Favorite Local Restaurants - Dining in Huntsville 2024

The Moon Bakeshop

Searching for the perfect croissant? You may have found it at the Moon Bakeshop. Great breakfasts, local ingredients and tempting delicacies.  The Moon Bake Shop is a delightful destination for those who appreciate fine baked goods. It offers a wide array of treats, including luscious cakes, delectable cookies, flaky pastries, and artisanal breads. Alongside these sweet and savory baked items, the shop serves a selection of coffees and teas, perfect for pairing with their confections. Additionally, light meals and snacks are available for those seeking a more substantial bite. This bake shop is an excellent choice for anyone looking to indulge in freshly baked delights in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Peggy Ann Bakery

Peggy Ann Bakery, a long-standing establishment in Huntsville, Alabama, has been a local favorite for over six decades. Known for their delicious, freshly baked cakes and a variety of other sweet treats, they have built a reputation for excellence. Their dedication to using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients is a key factor in their recognition as one of Alabama's top bakeries. This commitment to quality ensures a delightful culinary experience for their customers.


From Martigras Cakes to muffins, catering weddings to even shipping on Gold Belly, Edgars is known for their cakes and pastries. But that's not all; Edgers offers amazing breakfast items like Eggacado Sandwiches, omelets, breakfast quesadillas and pimento cheese biscuits!

Huntsville's local favorites encompass a wide range of cuisines and experiences, from savory Mexican dishes to upscale dining options and cozy coffee shops to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Whether you're a resident looking for new dining experiences or a visitor eager to savor the flavors of Huntsville, these restaurants and businesses will surely make your culinary journey memorable. Be sure to check out their websites for more information, including menus and opening hours, and plan your next delicious adventure in Rocket City!

Whether you’re already familiar with these local favorites or you’re excited to try one for the first time, thanks to the incredible economy and community of Huntsville, there are plenty of places to enjoy! If you’re ready to call Huntsville home, feel free to contact our office and we’d love to help you find the perfect house to call home. 

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